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TVC Management Limited (“TVC”) is a portfolio management company based in Hong Kong, founded in 1991.  We provide discretionary portfolio management services for institutional-type investors interested in capitalising on the long-term growth prospects and opportunities in Asia ex-Japan and ex-Australia.  TVC focuses principally on listed securities in the Hong Kong/China stock markets, the ASEAN region's financial markets predominantly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines; and in North Asian bourses such as in South Korea and Taiwan.


Our Philosophy

TVC pursues a long-only, absolute-return, non-leveraged strategy in investing in Asian equities ex-Japan and ex-Australia.  TVC's asset allocation is determined via a "top-down" macro approach in assessing the most attractive equity markets from productive and stable Asian economies; after which a "bottom up" discipline and a "value approach" are adopted in selecting attractively priced and/or undervalued companies with strong prospective earnings growth patterns.


A balance of concentration and diversification in the asset allocation mix is key depending on the investment climate.  Having the mandate to invest on a discretionary basis adds a degree of comfort to TVC's investment management style during volatile times in particular. During crisis periods, TVC can go to a heavy cash position not only to better protect clients’ capital and portfolios but to be adequately capitalised for the subsequent emerging opportunities post-crises.


TVC takes a comprehensive approach to risk management, assessing not only the financial performance but also the qualitative factors of underlying investments. We incorporate ESG research into our investment process to prioritise long-term value creation and to mitigate future-facing risks.

Our Team

Our Team

Investment decisions are made by TVC's Investment Committee. Knowledge and trust of the management of investee companies are key elements in the investment selection process. Our Investment Team has decades-long, extensive experience in Hong Kong/China, the Asian region ex-Japan and ex-Australia.  TVC’s investment professionals are fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Our Compliance

TVC has been licensed and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong since 1992.  TVC is licensed for Type 4 and Type 9 regulated activities. 


​We are in full compliance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA") and have been given Chapter 4 status under the Model 2 IGA between Hong Kong and the U.S.A. TVC is a certified compliant Foreign Financial Institution and exempt from FATCA registration requirement to obtain a GIIN.  We are also in compliance with UK FATCA and Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) requirements as a Reporting Foreign Financial Institution. 


TVC is aware there has been impersonation of our company on the internet as a fictitious website, claiming to be TVC Management Limited.  This has also been flagged by Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission to warn the public against possible fraud.



Suite 505 Central Building

1 Pedder Street


Hong Kong

Tel : +852 2523 1030

Email :


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